Here are the H48 reviews you want to see!

      Since its release in mid-September 2021, H48 has been around for almost two months now. We thank our respected users for their recognition of H48's audiovisual quality transmission.

      After the official launch of H48, we collected and organized many real user reviews. And, whether it is on e-commerce platforms or at various audio and video equipment exhibitions, users who have ordered online or made on-site purchases can feel the love of enthusiasts for H48 through their feedback and sharing.

      At various exhibitions after the release of H48, many enthusiasts came to experience it.

(H48 connected to PS5)

(H48 connected to Sony projector)

(H48 connected to OPPO Blu-ray player)

      Not only in offline experiences, but many "blind snipers" players who trust us without knowing much about our young brand have also given us reviews that have made us feel encouraged!

      Therefore, based on the trust and encouragement of customers and friendly competitors, we will persist in quality control and brand values, bridging infinitely!