Knowledge Share of Fiber HDMI at the 2023 Qingdao

      On May 29th, the Sound and Light Training Conference was held in Qingdao. Bridgee Cable has become an important guest in the national tour of the 2023 Sound and Light Intelligence Training Conference, providing authentic knowledge sharing for digital audio and video integrators, distributors, and enthusiasts from all over the country.


      At this training conference, Bridgee Cable shared knowledge about HDMI 2.1 products with UHS (Ultra Certified Cable HDMI High Speed) certification, along with the MURIDEO SIX-8K specialized testing equipment, allowing attendees to fully experience the transmission power of the new generation of 8K HDMI 2.1 cables.


      The flagship Fiber Optic HDMI MARK series, the KAI2.1 series with austenitic 304 armor, and the XCC audio cable series were all shining stars at the training conference.


      Through the sharing by Bridgee Cable, there were two valuable knowledge points:

      1.Damaged fiber optic HDMI can be fully repaired

      Once damaged, fiber optic HDMI can be repaired through fusion splicing. Fiber optic HDMI that has been accidentally damaged during home decoration wiring or bitten by pets is not truly "scrapped." Special fusion splicing can allow fiber optic HDMI to be fully repaired.


      2.Thin fiber optic cables can also withstand pressure

      Through the use of specially customized armor for reinforcement, taking the KAI2.1 series from Bridgee Cable as an example, the 304 stainless steel armor can better adapt to a variety of complex environments, and wiring does not fear being pulled or dragged. It can withstand pressure from being stepped on outdoors. Whether for home or commercial use, users can perform data transmission work with more peace of mind.


      At the same time, Bridgee Cable's Fiber Optic HDMI 2.1 series is also a product that audio and video enthusiasts have been paying close attention to. Tested by the MURIDEO SIX-8K testing equipment, it can achieve 8K data transmission (rate: 8K60Hz/4K120Hz), with a bandwidth of up to 48Gbps. It not only has a powerful armor shell, but also adheres to the characteristic of fiber optic cables not losing signals due to length. It can confidently cope with the iteration of audio and video equipment in the next few years.


      In addition, Bridgee Cable also recommended an accurate and quick UHS certification recognition method at this training conference, allowing users to select high-end HDMI 2.1 genuine cables that meet the next-generation standard, ensuring a safe and reliable choice.